Amma - the Huggin' Saint

Amma is in the Netherlands at this moment. I can feel her presence and am so happy for all those whose heart she is touching at this very moment. She has touched mine many times as well. Two years ago she told me "accept your divine greatness". After 'recovering' from her heart-opening hug these words kept playing through my head. They did not resonate with me, there was too much resistance. Because 'who the h.. I thought I was to label myself with these kind of words'? To even imagine I could carry such a fate. They were destined only for the truly awakened, like Gods and Goddesses, like Amma herself, but certainly nót for ordinary people like me.


As always Amma's Darshan is a hug from the purest love, the deepest respect and the highest vibration one can find in a human being. Her touch clears your from more negativity than anything else, so you can imagine my body, emotions and mind being completely shaken, torn upside down and inside out. It took me about 4 months to recover, only to find out that everything had changed... I was not the Maaike I was before, that much was clear to me. But neither I did know who I had become. I had no opinions, no plans, no wishes, nothing was sure to me and I felt completely 'wandering' through my days.

This took several months, I could not get anything done in my work when it was about making new plans. I could only 'turn inwards and feel', my vibration got a lot higher and my intuition and connections with others grew stronger. Many times I asked Amma's picture what to do, and the answer was always immediate and often taking me (far) out of my comfort zone.
It was a year in which at first I felt a lot of resistance, uncertainty and emptyness. Later on I started, however, to be clear about what I wanted and needed in my life, and what not anymore... I walk barefoot in the forest when the weather is good enough, I leave my bra in the drawer, eat mostly biological and paleo, bought a van and turned it into a camper ( for many happy moments and I was able to restore my relation with my husband after years of struggle...

It took me a while to realize that this magnificent woman, Amma, had brought me, yes, into my divine greatness...
This made me very silent and humble. Because with greatness comes a great accountability as well. No more 'lazy solutions', no more 'neglecting', no more 'head in the sand'. I had to face everything that came up, as open and as pure as I could be. Whether the moment was right or not. Wheather the outcome was convenient or not. Whether I liked it or not.

Somehow I intuitively knew perfect tools and techniques to help me (and many others) through these processes, and I have come to realise that I found what I had always been looking for! I found my inner clarity, direction, purpose, love, wisdom, silence, trust and faith... I feel empowered from within, and blessed every day. I have more than I need, and I want to share it with you!

Thank you, Amma.
Faithfully yours,



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