Love your Self

Love is the biggest 'eraser' I know.

Love erases even the deepest and most painful memories, because love goes deeper than anything else ... Do you want a life full of pain or full of joy? The choice and the power are always within you. Look into your eyes, and love yourself and the little you still inside.

Look at yourself. How would you support a child if it is going to do something exciting? Care with just as much attention and love for yourSelf. This is so powerful! You will become aware of your own undermining thoughts and behavior, so now you can consciously choose for love instead of rejection. Because often you do that yourself, don't you?


Mother daughter SelfLove

Imagine you have a conversation with two other parts of you; your inner critic and your inner child. Be 3 individuals with an equal right to speak freely without denying or protesting against anything they say. It is time to give that inner critic a different role in your life. Let him tell you in detail how you thought about yourself and then let your inner child speak about your fear of rejection, for example. Don't let your ego interfere, but know that you need to be a 'better mom' for yourself and you'll have to hug yourself and give love, respect and safety to the little girl inside that has been left in the cold for so long... 

All it wants is to be seen and heard. When you take that responsibility, do you know what happens then? That little girl inside will be your very best, bravest and most loyal friend ever! It will erase the fear, really, because it knows that you're there to help. It will be brave, shining and loving life as it comes!
What if you allow yourself to be who you are? Wow, dear woman, you will amaze yourself and the world with your love, your unique beauty, your talents and your energy ...

Learn to express your anger, and then feel the fear and grief that is beneath it, and allow yourself to feel it deeply, as intense as you can... Then cry if you need to, hide yourself under a blanket and let your tears flow ... You'll notice that after a few minutes they will automatically stop, it will be done, you will let it go, it will be gone ... Then take a cup of tea, and a shower, put on the clothes that make you feel good, and go for a walk .... Enjoy the green, the cloudy skies, feel the wind in your face and breathe fresh air in you lungs.

Then ask yourself how you would prefer to see the situation. What do you need? Recognize the desires of your heart. Where did you fail - in your own values? What do you want to do differently from now on? What do you need to do that?

This is pretty much the most loving thing you can do for yourself! This is the first step in realizing your real power to feel love, be happy, experience abundance and feel great in your own body! Exactly what you always craved. See, hear, feel and accept yourself ..

When you take care of yourself at a deeper level than you did before, you will begin to see that if you truly love yourself, the world will bring you love and abundance. So learn to rely deeper on the way that your inner compass points you. Then you will live authentically the life that truly reflects who you are deep inside.

You will deal with your past because you are no longer a victim of it.
You will improve and deepen your relationships.
You will be able to live free of stress.
You will forgive yourself and others who have ever hurt you and thus be free.
You will experience abundance in your life.
You will feel gratitude, allowing your heart to open.
You will teach your children and the environment how self-acceptance works because you shine.

Fall in love with the most important person in the world: YOU!




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