Transform your stress

Transform your everyday stress and overwhelm into drive and fulfillment again. Learn how to create a life of your choosing rather than a life of reaction. Specially developed for the woman who is ready to release her old, obstructing conditioning. The woman who is ready to face her deepest fears, just to find her inner peace right beyond that point. Live your life with selfconfidence and relaxed.

Intensive transformation session:

  • Overcome your stress and overwhelm.
  • Focus on what you want in life and get out of reaction mode.
  • Easy to book your session via email.
  • Lifechanging transformations for the rest of your life.
  • Sessions max 2 hours, €95.
Personal Clarity VIP session

A Private 4-Hour Deep Dive Experience for woman who are ready for deep change.

Why? Because Maaike is a very experienced deep healer, practically grounded as well as a gifted intuitive.
No need to choose between a personal development coach who can help you find yourself and a therapist who will take your problems away. Have the best of both worlds.

Maaike is trained and experienced to uncover your most hidden fears in your subconscious mind and erase them...for good! She blends Fifth Dimensional Energy work with Divine Feminine energy, using Crystals and Holographic Healing together with Kinesiology, and above all guidance from the Light World. What often takes months or years of self-work can be found and cleared in a highly concentrated Personal Clarity VIP Session. Schedule via email, €333.


Want the best sleep of your life? Then you need to sleep GROUNDED! GROUNDING SHEETS ALLOW YOU TO CONNECT TO THE EARTH’S SUBTLE ELECTRICAL FIELD WHILE YOU SLEEP. The earth carries a naturally negative charge, while our bodies accumulate a positive charge over time. 100% cotton sheets with conductive silver fibres woven throughout the material.

Research shows many benefits:

  • Increasing energy.
  • Improving sleep (really!)
  • Normalizing biological rhythms.
  • Reducing inflammation.
  • Speeds healing from physical and emotional stress.

Child or animal communicator/healer

I'll do a distance-session with your child, horse, dog or other animal.

Maaike can use telepathic communication to get in touch with little children or pets to find out for you what they try to communicate to you. She has more than 15 years of experience in communicating with children and animals. She uses her intuitive ability to guide people and animals in awareness processes. In addition to this, she also gives workshops 'Animal Interpreter'.

  • What does my child or animal want to tell me?
  • Are you open for the mirror your child or animal shows you?
  • Send recent digital pictures with the eyes looking into the camera
  • After the session we'll discuss the outcome in depth and detail...
  • Schedule via email, €65.