Maaike is highly trained and experienced to identify exactly what kept you from living the life your dreams. The life you are meant to live... She is able to un-cover and give a voice to your most hidden sabotage-sytems in your subconscious mind. By bringing them into the light and giving them love and gratitude for trying to keep you safe in that given situation, you will be able to assimilate that 'lost part' of your Self again (even if it was lost for ages!), to become more whole. This will make you more aware, awake too, and the reason to exist from those sabotage-systems will be erased from your system... for good!

This will feel kind of strange in the weeks after the session, you might feel a little desoriented; your habituel beliefs about life and yourSelf will change. You will realise one day that you automatically protect your boundaries, that you feel more free to do what you feel like, and that you surpise people around you about being 'stronger' and more relaxed.
In your head the clutter will disappear, too! It will be like a new spring, you will feel the urge to clean up and make a fresh start. This might be in your work, your dream-business, or even in your 'social agenda' or your house.

You will have better focus on what you réally want in life, and you will automatically 'delete' more of what you can do without. You will feel the sizzling energy running up and down your body and it will feel só good that you will automatically take care of keeping it that way. You'll choose a lifestyle that fits your ultimate dreams, and you will create the freedom to go for it.
This clarity will feel like a blessing - life will become very easy and you will see that life gives you exactly what you need, when you need it and how you need it. This will bring joy and a deep inner trust in your Self and your light will shine and lighten others as well...

So what often takes months to heal can be found and cleared on the spot in a highly concentrated personal session.

You are the VIP

From the moment I open the door I will tune myself to your energy. I will have a pure focus on You with my mind, my heart and my intuition. This to make a deep connection with You and what you need, and so to be able to serve you ultimately well, both on the concious and on the subconcious level. We'll better get the most ou of the session possible, right?

The session will have a duration of about 4 hours.
In these 4 hours I will listen to your personal situation, and we will dive deep into the roots of the problem. This can be done with the help of applied kinesiology (a way for your subconcious to tell its story if it wants to). We might also choose for a guided (channeled) meditation or even high-frequency energy healing techniques or combinations... Your highest Self will tell me what to do, you will fully be 'in control' and you will feel safe and loved through the deep tranformational processes.

Of course we will talk about the session and your experiences. Time enough to ask any questions. When you're ready for it, we will say goodbye and you'll start your best [ever] life! If afterwards you might have another question, you'll be very welcome to ask and I'll take the time to tune in again and answer.

  • Have a 4-hours Exclusive session with Maaike Wiersma
  • Declutter your mind and get clarity on your path.
  • Have old pain being transformed and your DNA re-coded for happiness.
  • Have your heart opened and to really connect to life.
  • Get your energy aligned with your highest Self.
  • Have your intuition start talking louder to you 😉
  • Start seeing all kinds of miracles happen on a daily basis.
  • Let go of the 'control-keeper' and give him some time off...

And the best of all:

Learn - on the spot - to do this yourself as often as you feel you want to! Make use of this unique feature and become your own healer 🙂

Just a little bonus. Did I already mention you're a VIP? 😉


If this is something that makes your heart sing
and you are ready for fast transformation,
these special personal sessions are for you.

About the sessions

  • The duration of a session is max 4 hours.
  • Be ready to invest, besides €333, time, attention and care for yourself. You deserve it!
  • Take your medications with you and promise to be open on your medical situation. I promise to keep your story indoors.
  • The sessions take place at: Molengraafseweg 17, 5281 LN Boxtel (Netherlands)
  • You can call or email me if there is an issue.

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to unplug and reconnect to your true self.
  • You are coping with grief or going through a rocky time in your life.
  • You are at the end of a relationship, restructuring your business or just going through a major transition.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are not prepared to go through all the layers, like if they feel unpleasant for a moment.
  • You are not ready to create a better world by becoming the best version of You and sharing your light and love.
  • You are not ready to let go of old convictions and belief-systems or dive into unknown waters.


When you are ready to take it all the way, to let go of what doesn't serve you anymore, to use your feminin powers to surrender to your highest Self, you might just take that giant step to get you directly where you want to be.
You might realise the freedom of choice that is in every aspect of your life - and use it. You might see clearly where you have to go to find ultimate fulfillment. You might experience fysical issues suddenly resolve themselves. You might feel your personal connection with Mother Earth and the whole Universe and be very aware of your special position in between those mighty forces. You might even experience parallel dimensions and their relation to you now.
But you will certainly learn a very strong master-technique that will be able to bring you all of the above - when you want it.

Just make the decision to go for it now and book your Personal Clarity VIP Session with Maaike:

(Because of the intensity of the sessions, Maaike offers them only twice a week, so be sure to grab your favorite spot right away)

Or email me your doubts, we can have a call to talk about it. Email here >