HSP: Higly Sensitive Person (or SPS: Sensory Processing Sensitivity)

Sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) is a personality trait characterized by a high level of sensitivity to external stimuli. The trait tends to correlate with a greater depth of cognitive processing and high emotional reactivity. A human with a particularly high measure of SPS is considered to be a highly sensitive person (HSP).

Nowadays, the term HSP (or SPS) can no longer be ignored from psycho-emotional jargon. Many women recognize themselves (partially) in it, and children in particular seem to be born more and more sensitive at this time. In schools, therefore, it is often necessary to look for ways in which these children can also benefit from their school time. There are spaces created where children can sit at rest. They go play outside more often, eat more fruit, even meditation luckily gets a place in some schools.

At work, where attention is paid to the unique contributions of the employees, HSP has also become a known fact. Many people can work from home more often, have more influence on the layout of their workplace and their work format. Therapists are frequently visited by 'HSP-ers', and they try to help them 'maintain themselves' in this demanding society. At one time it was thought that HSP was 'an illness', but that has already changed. It is now often seen as a 'talent', but it is a heavy talent to wear...

Over-loaded because you adapted to the system for love

You were born as a very pure little creature. Sensitive like animals who are also very sensitive to everything that is important for survival. You could feel energy and emotions, communicate telepatically, and you knew infallibly what your needs were.

But since you were little, your needs were not seen well enough, and you got confused because what you experienced did not match what you were being told. This confusion was painful because you were dependent on your environment and so you stopped the pain as deep away as possible. What else could you do? You forced yourself into the system. Then your parents would love you, right?

This is how we created survival strategies. You have adjusted yourself to meet up to expectations as well as possible. Doing what you (unconsciously) were asked created peace around you, it made you feel safer.

However, it also blocked your sense of trust in your own inner wisdom ("I experience mommy's fear of grandpa dying, why does she say that he is getting better?" "I do not like milk but I have to drink it until I'm finished") also on a very low ebb. You did not learn to take it seriously, learn to interpret nor learned to trust ...

Because of this, your sense of Self (what is about "I am good as I AM, no matter what I DO") nowadays is not strong enough, and you feel like a leaf in the wind. The world around you can determine where you are whirling, you have no control over the direction you are going. And this makes you always remain 'open' to the outside world. Because their 'whims' can just turn your life upside down, and that is quite 'unsafe'.

You are always on your qui-vive, never really grounded and relaxed. This also means that extra incentives simply can no longer be processed. The stress level is already too high, the bucket is full. That is why noise, crowds, 'annoying people' and other people's emotional energy are just too much. Too intense, too penetrating...

What to do about it?

It is essential that you really learn to ground. But what exactly is that?

We all know in our house an 'earth socket'. That means technically that there is an extra wire running from that outlet to the ground, literally into the sand under your house. If an electrical fault occurs with a device, a part of this device may come under tension. This voltage is then discharged to earth through the earth wire.

We humans are also completely electric beings. And also in our bodies it is necessary that 'over-voltage' can be discharged to Earth. Our body uses our legs and feet for this! But we wear shoes with rubber soles, plastic socks, sit on plastic chairs on a plastic floor ... We have blocked our grounding. The tension can not flow off and is therefore stored somewhere in our body. However, when all storage is full, we get a problem. Complaints, ailments, psychological-emotional problems ... (what a therapist calls blockade).

We really have to restore that connection to the Earth again. So that you are clearing the way for the discharge of all the energy that does not suit you, that does not feed you. This system then functions automatically, provided you maintain the installation.

Practically speaking, we have to clean up all the blockages in the abdominal area. Thematically you can find them at the bottom 3 chakras.

Your sensitivity is key.

Apparently you are a beautiful, sensitive soul. A soul full of softness, vulnerability, wisdom, courage and love. A soul that hides behind all kinds of survival mechanisms tries to keep the connection with you and life.

You have used your love to care for your environment - making you feel safe and loved. Because that was and is a basic need. But it's time to learn to do this for yourself, don't you think? That is the essence to be who you are, you have to give yourself the space for that... And who can do this better than yourself? You are, like no other, capable of feeling what you need in all those subtleties!

How to truly ground in self-care

There are many ways to find grounding, also on the internet. But what those exercises often don't mention is the need to also truly choose for grounding. So to consciously restore your contact with Mother Earth. To consciously allow her energy back into your life. To reconnect with the seasons, with the weather and with the plants and the ground. To start feeling again how much we are part of nature and what that 'natural' is also about - practically speaking. And to choose for that - as often as possible ...
(That is something very different as 'doing exercise and continuing with the hectic life', right?)

-> First you should get rid of the 'overload'.

Great way to do this is to withdraw in Nature, and to sit on a nice spot against a tree, your face in the sun for example. Feel free to sit for half an hour to an hour, but at some point you will feel that you have released tension in a deep way, and that it is okay to leave again.

Also walking barefoot outside is a very powerful way to ground. I always wear flip-flops, which I pull off depending on the surface. Black feet can be cleaned, and I've never been injured because I stepped into glass or something. As a matter of fact, your feet react to 'danger' and then you automatically put your foot somewhere else. Wonderful how that work, just like in the animal world!

-> Secondly, you must ensure that there is no more overload.

Choose a healthier environment to be in: put out the Wi-Fi at home, especially at night. Eat as healthy as possible (Paleo is very good for the natural person: dairy, sugar and gluten free), the better you manage the better you will feel. But stay relaxed.
Relaxing is very important anyway. Problems? See if you can change them. If yes, do it. If no, do not worry about it anymore. Tired? Get some rest. Just ly down on the couch, drink a cup of tea without doing anything else, go to bed early for some time.

-> But the most important thing is that you learn to love yourself just the way you are!

We have been trained in pleasing others from an early age. We hardly know our own needs anymore. This must change if you want to live your best [ever] life!

Lower the bar for yourself. Everything happens with a reason. What does not happen, too. Instead of 'persevering' when something doesn't work like you planned it to, it is better to look for some silence. Ask your heart why it should not happen now and listen sincerely. Maybe you were on the wrong path? Or should something else be clarified in yourself first? Feel the emotion it evokes in you and do not push it away. Accept. Cry, be afraid, let it be...

Then, with your enlarged awareness, feel what your next step may be. And go for it! Trust that this will really be better for you, you will come into a more natural flow and with each day and every step you will more clearly recognize your Self and know how you will get the best of your strength so that you will shine. Dear sensitive woman, our path is not the easiest. But it must be walked, the world has to become more sensitive... We are ideally suited to walk this path, others can not. Let us see and use our sensitivity as a powerful talent, and be proud of everything that we have already achieved in recent years!

It's time to take it to the next level

Did you know you will also be a very powerful example for your environment? Imagine what this can mean for your children and your family and friends!

And did you also know that you energetically reinforce a worldwide network of all women who are doing the same thing ?! By making this network bigger and stronger, we help others to take these steps as well! And for our whole new world ... We are not here for nothing, we have a pioneering role in creating a world that also recognizes and honors the female forces, so that all life has a more equal space. On behalf of that whole network: THANK YOU for everything you do! Feel our love and unconditional support!

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