If you find yourself unsure of what to do next, are experiencing a challenge in your personal or work life, or wish to move forward, contact me to book in a session.

If you are seeking support for your team or group please contact me to find out more about the workshops and team sessions I have on offer.

Maaike Wiersma

Molengraafseweg 17
5281 LN Boxtel (Netherlands)

tel: +31(0)6 25 415 256
mail: info'at'maaikewiersma.nl
skype: maaikebw

CoC: 17201159
Iban: NL25ASNB0781156165

I'd love to get in touch with you

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This would be awesome! In today's world it is easy to get confused by the huge amount of choices there are. Please help our sisters get clarity on my offerings, so that she can make a good desicion for her Self. Share what my help brought you, thank you!

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