Hi, my name is Maaike

I am self-realization coach for the woman who is decided to go for true purpose and fulfillment in her life. Who wants to create her best [ever] life, with fun, freedom, fulfillment, aligned with Mother Gaia and her feminine Self. Who knows the world needs her being HERSELF.

I know how exhausting, stressfull and boring daily life can be. #Beentheredonethat. But I discovered my Self! I share all the lessons I have learned and apply every day, to help you too find your total fulfillment.

All methods, processes and insights, in the form of meditations, emotional cleansing, focused development of your intuition, lifestyle support, power to choose, grounding techniques 2.0, different thinking, transforming tools that help you to make your shift to Awakening...

Read my story and know I can help you:

My story was mostly about not being alowed to be who I was, but having to ajust to others' expectations. Being a child searching for love, I sweetly adjusted very well. But I was never 'good enough', I didn't get the love I so longed for. Also my questions, feelings, fears and ideas never counted. In the end I did not count them anymore either, 'cause it would only be painful...

Later on I went searching for that love, but although it brought me into all kinds of (crazy) adventures, it never brought me true satisfaction. Like this I went on and on until I experienced something heavy... I appeared to have a false pregnancy... full of expectations, but empty. Crying at the trunk of an old oak I felt my immens desire for fulfillment. And nobody cared...

My biggest wish would never come true. And there I was, alone with my sadness. There was more that didn't come true, I realized. There was always a lot not coming true. It was a total mess. I had put myself in a position where I was no longer at the wheel of my own life. I didn't enjoy my life, was happy when I felt 'kind of satisfied'... I lived a life for others.  But how about me?

I wandered through the forest for hours, and the weeks after that were horrible. I felt intensly sad, blamed everyone and especially I wanted to get out of my situation... But of course I came to realize that it would only work if I'd take full responsibility for my life. If I would recognise and acknowledge my needs and desires - seriously. If I'd learn to listen to what my soul wanted to tell me. If I'd start working on my vitality and my emotional freedom. If I'd start transforming my blocking beliefs and seriously work on my mindset.

I started to invest in myself

I wanted to learn the tools that would bring me exactly what I longed for... I started with a hefty relaunch on the energetic field, where I strongly developed my awareness, my inner stability and my intuition. Thanks to this I started to see what I had to do differently, to not get more of the same. I also got the force to do this and the faith to follow this path. By times I strongly needed that faith, because it was no easy journey...

But the difference is huge! I live the life of my dreams, feel fit and vital and oh, how much I enjoy every day! Really, I make 'fulfilling joy' an important part of each and every day!

If I can do it, then you can do it, too!

What I hope for you is that you do not have to go through that intense time of struggling, searching, trying, binge eating and stress. Oh, when I think back to all those sleepless nights, the turmoil, the eternal doubts and the depressions ... and I realize that we can all grow by there and then feel stronger, happier, more relaxed and more free than ever!

I stand where I stand now because I decided that I no longer wanted to live like I did, the unsatisfactory, week-to-week life. I refuse to believe that my feelings are not important. That my self-realization has no use for the world. That my life may not be fully lived. That I do not have to do my best, to myself. Because oh, what if I regret one day of the choice I made not to go after my dreams?

What I'm saying is that YOU HAVE TO START NOW. You owe it to yourself to give this one life every chance you can. The beauty is that you don't have to do it alone. I'll give you all the tools, sources and methods that brought me from failure to fulfillment, purpose and vitality ...


What would I like to give you?

After searching for a long time and trying many many things I discovered where to find my answers. I'll share them with you, so you can dis-cover your Self, too! All the lessons I've learned and apply every day, for you to inspire you and find your total fulfillment. All methods, processes and insights, in the form of meditations, emotional cleansing, focused development of your intuition, lifestyle support, power to choose, grounding techniques 2.0, different thinking, transforming tools that help you to make your shift to Awakening...

All that brought me to where I am now. Truly strong in my shoes, intuitive and with an open heart. With inner peace and gratitude, often bliss and silence in my head. In the now, in deeper contact with others, in whom I always recognise the good and the beauty. Putting things in perspective is easy, anger, fear or venom are not in my system anymore and I can take much better care of myself. I am more clear, objective, relaxed, calmer, quiet, powerful, warmhearted and most of all happier and more focused.

My life is no longer about survival. Nor do I have the feeling it is happening to me. I fully understand how big my own contribution is, and I want to give my time and love to what I find really most important in life. All the rest fell off along the way...

Do not postpone your happiness any longer!

I know you might be feeling insecure and confused now. And that you feel you may lose everything you have worked so hard for. I fully understand that, I did, too. But this is our Ego-part. It helped us survive in our work and social circles. That was good. But now it's time to go for a more fulfilling, healthier and easier way of living the life of your dreams!

Know that you have the power in you. Because you will feel that you are going to do exactly what suits you, what really fits! The strength you need for the first steps you will find in the 'knowing inside' that you've made the right choice. You are not alone. I am here, for you!

I have also taken a big leap into the unknown, and my world now looks completely different. It's really worth it! You do not have to remain stuck, or continue to feel confused or lost. So what are you waiting for? Do not push your feminine Self aside anymore, it's time to live your best [ever] life, now!

Who do I prefer to work with?
  • Women who are willing to go deep. Like me. Who feel an inner drive to get to the core, and to start building from there.
  • Women who know that these are intense journeys to make in yourself. Journeys that show you the hidden pain so you can transform it into pure power.
  • Women who are willing to change. Really prepared. To let go of old habits and adopt new ones. To enable new energies. To give your Self space. To be your Self.

Why only with women who really have guts? Because it is not a simple 'pill' you swallow. Because you have to be prepared to constantly look at new layers in yourself. Because you have to invest time and energy in it.

Because it is a 'full commitment' to yourself. And because that is sacred.

You are a holy miracle

Life is a sacred, wonderful thing ... Life deserves the respect to be lived free from obstructive limitations. To be shown your beauty. To be given your love and your unique energy...

Because you are an expression of that holy miracle called 'Life'. You are, in your natural state, the miracle itself!

You only have one life here, now. We only have one world here. But we have our Selves and each other! We women, whether we are mothers or not, we are naturally pre-eminently able to sense what needs to be felt, seen and heard.

When we are ourselves without blockages, we are automatically in flow, full of energy and vibrant with love and passion ... Stand up, come into your unique, transforming and creative power, the world is waiting for you. She waits for who you are, your true Self.


I can totally be myself when I’m with Maaike, a feeling of safety and trust.

I got to know Maaike through the healing courses I followed from her. The first thing that struck me immediately upon entering was the warmth she emanates. The feeling that you are really welcome. In addition, I have found it especially nice that I can totally be myself when I’m with Maaike, a feeling of safety and trust. Maaike is a very nice sparring partner to me who can also show me my blind spots and put me back into my own power at times when I need just that. For me she has become a very special friend, which has resulted from the business contacts. Warm hearted and lovingly truly typifies her.

Danielle Gevers


The name “yourbesteverlife” says everything: the training that I followed here was a turning point in my life and my work.
Not only the content, but also the constant support and the warm personality of Maaike have contributed to a deepening of myself and my dealings with people.
What I was given there is for me a lasting hold.

Els Decoster

Turns weak spot into strength

Some people just have the ability to see the potential in the other’s possibilities, even when they don’t see them themselves. Maaike is one of those people. Without judgement and full of questions she can just find that one weak spot and help you turn it into your strength.


For all that I did not (want to) see myself…

Contact with Maaike is very warm, personal, she looks right through me. Very good for all that I did not (want to) see myself…

Chantal Braakhekke - Nijmegen